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No company runs on monolithic software any longer. At the heart of your enterprise, there’s a complex, heterogeneous set of systems (or microservices) that collaborate in real-time. Deep integration allows you to get a single-view of data, leverage opportunities, detect risks, identify fraud, etc.

Integration is imprinted in our DNA here at Evosent.


Did you know that 90% of the data in the world today was created in the last two years? Big Data is characterized by what we call V4C: Volume, Variety, Velocity, Variability and Complexity. Analytics, machine learning, prediction, warehousing, unstructured data…

We'd love to help with your Big, Fast Data strategy to ensure success!


Reactive programming, messaging and distributed architectures are the cornerstone of highly evolved architectures to meet today’s business demands. Whether it is for ingestion, user transaction processing or event propagation, real-time is the norm nowadays.

Let us help you with making your enterprise tick in real-time!


In 2014, a study showed that 57% of users abandoned pages that took longer than 3 seconds to load. We’re pretty sure that we are all even more impatient nowadays. Our team of experts enjoy hunting for bottlenecks, hotspots and contention that makes your app slow on the server-side.

Don't lose or infuriate users due to sluggishness!

Our technology

Here is just a subset of the technology we specialize in. We deal with different stacks everyday, and we are constantly watching the state-of-the-art and updating our knowledge.

So feel free to contact us even if your products don’t appear in this list.

Apache Camel
Apache Camel
Apache Camel is a highly versatile, highly modular integration framework based on the concept of Enterprise Integration Patterns. With 200+ adapters (components), 30+ expression languages and 30+ data formats, it covers all integration scenarios that you'll need to resolve.
Apache ServiceMix
Apache ServiceMix
Apache ServiceMix is the most feature-rich fully open source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) in the market. It comprises a highly dynamic and modular container (Apache Karaf), a messaging broker (Apache ActiveMQ), an integration framework (Apache Camel) and a services stack (Apache CXF).
Apache ActiveMQ
Apache ActiveMQ
Apache ActiveMQ is the industry's go-to JMS broker. It provides full QoS guarantees such as durability and replication, with great performance and a wide variety of enhancements over the standard JMS features such as message groups, virtual topics, destination policies, etc.
elastic stack
elastic stack
The elastic stack is a comprehensive Open Source (ASL-licensed) solution for collecting, indexing, aggregating and visualizing any kind of structured or unstructured data (logs, transactions, sensor data, timeseries data, etc.) in a rapid, scalable and fault-tolerant manner.
With Docker, you can package an application & its dependencies into a standardised deployment unit called "container". Containers run with an isolated filesystem containing all required deployables, libraries and tools. They are portable and predictable across host operating systems.
Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, operations, and scaling of containerized applications. Kubernetes builds upon Google's experience of running production workloads, combined with best-of-breed ideas and practices from the community.


We offer a wide array of services to cover all the phases of your development cycle.


Your team has been stuck for days on a weird issue?
Production has suddenly gone unstable and the customer is furious?
Performance deteriorates every few days forcing you to restart?
You're going live and you want to perform a sanity check?
No worries! We can rapidly swoop in and assist to get you out of trouble rapidly and effectively.


Not only do we want to be your technology partner, we want to be your ally. Your team cannot perform if it's not enabled first.
That's why we offer a variety of formats for knowledge transfer.
Whether it's a workshop focused on a specific agenda of pain points, requirements or success factors; continued mentoring and hand-holding; or a more traditional flavor of training (onsite or remote), we've got you covered.


Are you evaluating adopting any component of the technology stacks we specialize in? Feel free to give us a call!
We will work with you to understand your scenario and your requirements, and we will develop a Proof of Concept – with an example use case that fits your business – faster than you think.
This will give you the confidence to embark with the new technology stack having tested it out first!


Every system has crucial components that are better left in hands of true experts, e.g. transactional services, complex data integration pipelines, core business processes.
At Evosent, we can engineer the specific parts of your system that fit such criteria in record time. With comprehensive unit and integration tests, documentation, and API test pages, according to your fitness criteria.
And we'll be mentoring your team all throughout so they can pick off where we leave off.

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